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November 1, 2013
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Anastasius d'Angoulevent by pysanka Anastasius d'Angoulevent by pysanka
complete with trocar wand! Which I really hope isn't too much, good lord.The idea of a spell's trajectory being altered by the unusual shape of a wand seemed interesting at the time but if it's too much I'm sorry sdlgknlNDSGKL So, so sorry about the quality of writing and for any mistakes, been especially poor with quality lately. :iconpapcryplz: Wasl;fdskngjs good luck to everybody, so excited to see where this group goes! ; V ; )9

ɤ ›Name: Anastasius d'Angoulevent

ɤ Age›: 13 years (3rd year)

ɤ ›House: Gryffindor

ɤ ›Birthday: September 1st

ɤ ›Height/Weight: 158 cm/44.9 kg

ɤ ›Pet:
Hervé|Strix aluco| complaisant, besotted, quirky, smothering, noisy

ɤ ›Wand Ingredients: Hazel with unicorn hair core; 12 1/4 inches. Surprisingly swishy.

ɤ ›Spell List:
Spongify: Softens the target.
Locomotor: Causes a named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster.
Reparo: Used to mend objects.
Avis: Conjures a flock of small birds.
Episkey: Heals minor injuries.

ɤ ›Extra Curricular/Elective Classes:
❧Care of Magical Creatures
❧Ghoul Studies

    Developing narcolepsy at such a young age did not smother Anastasius's natural predilection for independent thought and action. He's quite observant, but not at all insightful where other people are concerned. Empathy is a chore for Anastasius, who has always been absorbed in himself--increasingly so as Hogwart's more volatile conditions requires him to temper his emotions. He's also taciturn, with a preference for demonstration over explanation and a marked distaste for talking about feelings--ever. Lacking the intellectual fecundity more inherent to the Slytherin or Ravenclaw house students, he relies upon misdirection, haziness, and natural "spookiness" (as an intimidation tactic) to avoid actually sharing his mind. Still, he has a great deal of patience for the pesky and the blundering--and, sometimes, his sluggish response times demand the same from peers. Drowsiness dogs his progress throughout the schoolday, however, and Anastasius can become unusually receptive when at his most groggy. He's certainly not embarrassed by his narcolepsy, instead embracing it as a component of himself that doesn't need excusing or justifying.

There's a great deal of trust fostered in his instincts but frequently Anastasius's instinct is to act impetuously, oftentimes without regards to rules, and he's too shortsighted to realize he's periodically contrary just to be contrary. Ever eccentric in his methodology and thought process, he resents the restriction of orders enough to act in foolhardy and temerarious ways; but he's young and gullible enough to be susceptible to subtle manipulation and reverse psychology. Ever of the conquering spirit, Anastasius prefers asking for forgiveness over permission. Luckily he's surprisingly hardy, vigorous beyond the implications of his subdued appearance--he's unaccustomed to being severed from a support group, however, and has difficulty adapting from cosseted grandson to Hogwarts student. Away from them Anastasius finds refuge in empty thoughts, but he's developed a habit of remaining perceptive to sensory input--sight, most especially. Scraps of experience linger in his mind, connoted almost at random with whichever idea he'd been mulling over at the time. His memory and recall, however, are rather poor and he struggles to focus if the subject isn't engaging.

The appearance of indifference is an affectation, an imperfect defense mechanism against cataplexy. Other children his age have, in the past, found the break between Anastasius's actions and droopy, melancholic appearance disturbing. While introverted by nature, Anastasius is also intense. He believes fiercely in his friends and family, entrusting himself to them but extending faith where he sees need. He may flinch away from intimacy, but Anastasius believes with everything he is in the capabilities of those around him. As he grows, "I want to see," is becoming "I wish to touch." But he's not interested in challenging darkness--at least, he hasn't been interested yet. He's a fairly level-headed boy in regards to reality, something in his bones, in his life experiences, whispered the nature of finality; Anastasius knows how to accept without understanding, even if he'd rather not at times. The least common emotion to show in his conduct is fear, the most common is bafflement, and at best his maturity is uneven: Anastasius still has the propensity to pout. He's still wondering, bumbling, youthful, and learning.

ɤ ›History:
Grandmama told him often how the d'Angoulevent family name outdated their home; but in the garden papa would card his hand through Anastasius's hair and hum songs so old his bones creaked in reciprocation. He couldn't imagine such a song had ever been sung anywhere but in that small and leaf-dusted place, or that their home in the Morvan could be anything but ancestral. To Anastasius, then and now, its polished walnut floors, dark and dimly reflective, knew the shape of venerable faces. A long history of witches, wizards, and magic--underneath the floorboards, a further memory of d'Angoulevents in the earth of Morvan. An expansive, unobtrusive history rendered in its stretch of portraits appraising narrow hallways.

Grandpapa was felt in the tool cases glimmering from glass-fronted cabinets, leaning down from shelves above his line of sight. Old suits in the attic armoire. From a young age Anastasius insisted on rooming in the attic, in typical form, by first taking upstairs double armfuls of blanket and pillow. Strata of artifacts from tenants previous stretched away from the trapdoor like layers in a parfait or rumples in a great quilt; nearest the childhood belongings of his father Aldric, aunt Faustine, and uncle Anastasius. Back then the house had doubled as a funeral home and the tools kept in the cabinet had still seen use in grandpapa's work as a mortician.

They also boarded children, generally of middle-to-upperclass magical French families, that Clair could tutor them alongside her own children in both magic and academics. Known as a respecter of privacy and a teacher of excellent repute, Clair primarily taught the non-magical children of established wizarding families from the seclusion of the d'Angoulevent home. There, Faustine learned her trade as a butcher from following her mother about the kitchen, and Aldric grew into a talented, sorrowful chanseur after the examples of Jacques Brel and beloved of French-speaking wizards, Philibert Lejeune. His young son would later take refuge in the old recordings after every attempt to befriend the community's other children went terribly awry.

Grandmama retired from teaching to care for grandpa when he began ailing; after his death she was isolated in the house, filling her time with cleaning and maintenance. Faustine moved back into the home with her infant son in the early nineties while Aldric remained in Auxerre, writing and singing songs that would earn him acclaim, if not widespread fame, in the wizarding world. Florence Alder, Anastasius's mother, and Aldric met many times; first by chance when she was traveling to the Morvan to research tawny owls, later when Aldric sought out the Alders for help tracking down a rare chansonnier. Later, meekly, he would admit to his wife that he'd only wanted to see her again. Friendship flourished into love of another sort; while wrapping up her affairs at the owl post in Hogsmeade, part of the preparations to move back to the home in Burgundy with Aldric, contractions announced their baby's premature arrival, and so Anastasius's name was recorded in the Book of Admittance.

Anastasius's early childhood was charmed; the stern corners came to mean warmth and family; only the attic corners holding mystery. While Faustine and Hugo had moved out while Anastasius was still very young, Hugo returned every summer. When he was seven, work took both parents back on the road. Hugo and Anastasius enjoyed their last summer together the year of Anastasius's 8th birthday, before Hugo left for Beauxbatons that fall. By this time Anastasius saw his parents only on holidays and birthdays, and without the promise of Hugo's company the house began to seem colder; longer. Without Hugo, Anastasius redoubled his efforts to befriend the neighboring children--but he'd earned a bad reputation for skulking around after dark; some children swore they had seen that weird d'Angoulevent looking in their windows. He was confronted in the forest one afternoon, interrupted on his way to leave another small gift on a back stoop. They startled him, clapping until he fell to the ground, and they kept him there--never touching him, only frightening him at intervals until he couldn't move. Anastasius kept to grandmama's side after that; he learned the nuances of the house they lived in. He began to go out only after the other children took themselves to the dinner table and then to bed. Apart from grandmama', Anastasius had only an owlet rescued that last summer with Hugo for companionship. His mother's notes proved very helpful in raising little Hervé--though grandmama was certainly very cross when she caught Anastasius trying to train the fledgling owl to fly, scratches from the terrified bird's claws covering his young face.

She is a sad and warm woman, the heart of Anastasius's unrealistic expectations. The warm glasses of milk in the evening, the time he came downstairs in the morning to find grandpapa's tools on the dining room table, all glints held together with worn handles. Grandmama, his companion in observation, in the willingness to see. But she would keep him within eyesight, she would not let him go--Anastasius's acceptance letter from Hogwarts was unexpected, and duly divisive within the family. Clair wanted her grandson to stay with her, safe, while memories of her days in Hogwarts warmed his mother into excitement and hope. Aldric, who'd been regaled by tales of school life in every flavor by his wife, who saw in Anastasius his own isolation; he asked for forgiveness and then pleaded. Holding tight to Herve, Anastasius made his first trip overseas.

ɤ ›Voice: Jean-Baptiste Maunier (speaking at :44)

ɤ ›Likes/Dislikes:
♥ taxidermy, owls, dress up, charms, flying, winning, slouchy/loose clothing, old books, high places, tight spaces, cheese-and-jam sandwiches, pastries for breakfast, mulled wine, cosiness, pretend, physical affection, moth hunting for Hervé, coffee, blue early mornings, mist in the trees, home, family.
✝ tedium, newfangled muggle technology, talking about feelings, repetition

ɤ ›Family:
❧Armand d'Angoulevent. paternal grandfather, wizard. ✝
❧Clair d'Angoulevent (née Palomer). paternal grandmother, witch. 72.
❧Aldric d'Angoulevent. father, wizard. 42.
❧Florence d'Angoulevent (née Alder). mother, witch. 44.
❧Faustine d'Angoulevent. aunt, witch. 39.
❧Anastasius d'Angoulevent (namesake). uncle, wizard. ✝
❧Hugo d'Angoulevent. 1st cousin, wizard. 18.

ɤ ›Relationships:
Jean has helped Anastasius improve in Divination by leaps and bounds--which is to say, a grade good enough to scrape by. Jean's terribly exotic to Anastasius, which is a good part of the reason he's able to tune in on something like Divination--he's also terribly happy for any excuse to indulge his French background, rolling Jean's name off the tongue a few times more than strictly necessary.

ɤ ›Other Information:

Fils de
❧Fluent in both French and English, predominantly a French speaker. His English vocabulary is somewhat antiquated.
❧Duel French-English citizenship
❧Complications with his narcolepsy include hypnopompic/-gogic hallucinations and excitement-induced cataplexy. He will always become debilitatingly drowsy after hearty meals, and regularly has sleep attacks over the course of a day (usually in divination woops;;/).
❧As a child, his coping mechanism for cataplexy was to recognize himself as a corpse.
❧Sometimes falls asleep with his eyes partially open.
❧He really doesn't frighten as easily as he ought to and really ought to be held back sometimes dklgns'gl;sgskl
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