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LH: Sabbat by pysanka LH: Sabbat by pysanka
 :iconomgsoscaryplz: scrubs at face and stares at all the awkward grammar later later ahHHh;;;;

Real name: Camille Béthune
Villain name: Sabbat
Age: 23 years (b. January 31)
Gender: Male
Height: 4'10'' (125 cm)
Gyrokinesis: Used by Camille in primarily spatial or personal capacities. He's become adept at floor-tilting, reversing or slanting the gravitational pull of a chosen space. As this ability relies upon visualization, initiating the effect in open space introduces challenges--Camille's experimentation includes the use of a wand or baton to vector his imperative. His strongest and most prevalent application of this ability is in generating gravitational platforms or spaces oriented around himself to permit levitation, sky-walking, and altered orientation (walking perpendicular to the ground, etc). While terribly risky, as the platforms are invisible and tightly associated with Camille's physicality, anyone can access them. Having used these gravitational anomalies actively for the better part of a decade, Camille is both nimble and well-adapted to rapidly changing his orientation to the world--when in motion, their lifespan decays to match his concentration.

Illusion Casting: Better for distractions than direct scares, Camille's ability to conjure illusory images is a source of great personal amusement but only middling applicability and he lacks discipline in developing his capabilities. Without straining his mind unduly he can conjure distorted two-dimensional objects or groupings of objects of about a young child's scale. Frolicsome and animalistic, general behaviors include flitting restlessly, standing spookily in corners, hiding under furniture, and swarming light sources. Towards the end of their lifespan, quality of movement and image begin decaying and the projections take on a quality reminiscent of slowed frame rates, while they leave anaglyphic imprints in their wakes. For his own pleasure, Camille likes to conjure a small flock of vaguely bat-like creatures.

⬆Small, nimble, elusive, and crafty
⬇ Low strength, little stamina, no offensive abilities, & frail to physical attacks
Job: "Caretaker"/Online shopkeeper
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Sinister | Disorderly | Exuberant | Resentful | Impractical | Irrational | Sybaritic | Unscrupulous | Possessive | Vain | Angry
From a young age, Camille has had a propensity for breaking rules both moral and lawful; up to the present he has continued behaving as a generally disorderly enfant terrible. He rarely becomes outwardly calculating, instead radiating a sincere exuberance varying in frequency from complacent laziness to wanton kittenishness; Camille can become almost frantic in certain situations. Most of his interests are sybaritic in nature; Camille primarily wants delight, and to delight in return--unfortunately, he finds pain delightful, among other things. A decidedly sinister villain for his unrepentantly morbid interests and even moreso for his willingness to view people as property. Prone to collecting; he quickly becomes possessive over people and items alike (really hates sharing sdgjn). As uninhibited as Camille tends to be, his mood can swing quickly from playful to pouting, petulant, and eventually spiteful; forgiveness doesn't come to him naturally, and thus far many of his petty crimes have been motivated by vengeful urges. Fixates on goals, but not inherently ambitious--certainly impractical, prone to flights of fancy: frequently irrational. Finally, a very stylish individual more likely to prioritize aesthetics over functionality.
❤ Horror genre, luxury, black humor, very large breakfasts (esp. pancakes), playing the violin, 2-person parties, bats, cats, violence, blood & bruises, the spooky, macabre subject matter, observing, memento mori, casual destruction (messing up beds, ripping upholstery), ballroom dancing, morning sunlight, fancy dress, lazing, ambiance.
✝ Classwork/paperwork, being treated like a child (in matters of romance only chOKES), having his things stolen, sharing, honest hard work, very large people (secret fear sweat s), cheapness, dogs, orders, catching cold (frequent occurrence;; ), nonconsensual manhandling, the societal status quo.
Camille's father was born into the upper crust with an old family name, old family money, and old family expectations. The Bethune manor house is situated a handful of miles outside of Littleville, far enough removed from the city and ensconced deeply enough within its own grounds that the inhabitants can enjoy relative privacy. The colonial manor isn't particularly large, but throughout Camille's life has been well-manicured and the interior lavishly decorated. His father preserved a bachelor's lifestyle well into his thirties, when he married then-ballerina Celestine. Petite and polite as bullets in a velvet bag, she jumped vocations, becoming a crisp hostess and household organizer. Camille chiefly took after her in appearance as well as theatricality. Prematurely born and eminently frail, their firstborn nevertheless was raised as part of the upper echelon's pooled offspring. It was as a very young child, no more than seven or so, that Camille first discovered the questionable satisfaction that came with mutilating animals. His destructive tendencies and curiosity continued to escalate over the years alongside a burgeoning interest in the occult.

Camille was three, ice cream in hand and chaperone at his back when Littleville experienced its monumental explosion. He didn't discover his gyrokinesis until age thirteen, sharing knowledge of his newfound capabilities with only his younger brother Victor, and in a few other young children during a schoolyard game of truth or dare. Realization of his illusory capabilities came a few years later, during an instance of adolescent binge drinking. While undoubtedly a rowdy and precocious child, Camille managed to conceal his antics (with the help of his superpowers) from parents and household staff, but his father especially was rapidly becoming frustrated over his willfully poor marks and perpetual flippancy. He enjoyed a much closer relationship with his mother, who instilled in him her own paranormal interests and practices. Between sixteen and seventeen, Camille managed to acquire a stalker--a besotted but apprehensive older man. Unwise as teenagers come, Camille chose to play with his admirer, encouraging him and dismissing him alternatively. For several years, he continued in a vein of general rebelliousness, scraping out of high school with nearly impermissible grades and admitted to university only by his parents' willingness to capitalize upon their name and money. He was away, at the vocational art school they'd managed to buy his way into, when his stalker drunkenly crashed through the gates of the Bethune manor. The man ripped across the gardens and crashed into the family home, killing himself and claiming Celestine as a casualty.

Victor, like Camille, profited from their familial standing--unlike his brother, he engaged in violent criminal behavior rather than inappropriate seances or occult practices with other privileged adolescents. Embittered towards his children and thoroughly disabused of all optimism, their grieving father chose to wash his hands of both sons. At age twenty-one, having dropped out of art school, Camille was ejected from the family home. He and his brother, only just turned eighteen, lived in comparative squalor for the first time in their lives. While previously exposed to grime and discomfort, living in dirty tenements with other runaways and petty criminals lacked the exoticism of sneaky excursions. Through a blend of legitimate work and thievery, the brothers managed to rent a tiny apartment where they lived together for nearly a year. Victor is aggressive where Camille is outré, and after a violent disagreement and falling out, Camille was abandoned.

He created Sabbat soon after, when Victor didn't return and their lease began running short. A petty offender from elementary school onwards, Camille is adjusting rapidly to the criminal application of his powers. He's managed to secure rent-free housing in the attic of a gullible old widow's Queen Anne in return for live-in caretaker's duties--which he performs as infrequently as possible. A healthy number of the smaller furnishings and knick knacks have disappeared from about the house since Camille moved in.
Extra information:
☛ Practices divination, primarily abacomancy and tasseography. 
☛ Very probably has Antisocial Personality Disorder
☛ Plays the violin
☛ Relationship with his brother is unhealthy: he's emotionally manipulative, and Victor is physically abusive.
☛ Sexually aroused by blood, bruises, cuts, physical violence
☛ Often perches over sitting--armrests, windowsills, baywindows are the cat's pajamas!
☛ Searching for a super villain partner in crime;;;
☛ Formerly a straight-F student wow;;;;;;
☛ Morbid tastes
☛ Camille began hurting animals as a young child, and killing them soon thereafter. Fascinated by the process of dying and the ability to inflict death, but hasn't yet committed homicide (frightened/nervous anticipation). 
☛ Supervillain costume is likely to undergo several changes as he comes to better understand his role but probably always going to be ridiculously impractical LMAo weeps quietly;;;
Roleplay style: Notes and Google Docs are on equal footing, and I strongly prefer lit and light lit over script!! Have quite a lot of difficulty focusing over Skype, and am perpetually terrified of the chatroom sweats;;;;
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